Chamber Communicator

Chamber Communicator

The Amcom 2820-4003 Standard Model (pictured) features two-way communications between the chamber operator and occupants within the chamber. Full featured hard wire, two lock systems which have independent volume controls for the operator and separate on/off controls for each lock. The system is supplied with a noise canceling hand-held microphone for use by the operator. The microphone has automatic talk back speaker cutout which enhances communications quality by reducing the background noise to the chamber occupants.

Both the Amcom 2820-4003 and 2810A-2001 have the capability of 2-wire and/or Simulcom (4-wire) communication modes. 2-Wire and Simulcom (4-wire) modes can be used simultaneously. This enables the user to operate in a hands-free mode, using a headset and communicate between the chamber and operator without having to use the Push-To-Talk.

The Amcom Model 2810A-2001 is a panel mounted chamber communication system operating from an internal 110/220 VAC power source with an internal 12 VDC battery back up. The system is designed to provide voice communications between the chamber operator and occupants within the chamber.

The Amcom Chamber Communication Systems are full-featured hard-wire, communication systems. Both have independent volume controls (operator and lock) and can be used with a hand held microphone, which incorporates automatic talk back speaker cut out. This feature greatly reduces the amount of background noise, and under noisy conditions can make the difference between good or unacceptable sound and speech clarity.

Two modes of operation: simple intercom type operation and/or duplex type operation (Simulcom)
Available with amplifier for entertainment
AC power with battery back-up. Automatic charging
External 12 VDC connection
Noise canceling hand-held push-to-talk microphone
Built-In Isolation Transformer
Separate volume controls for operator and each lock

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