Analox 100HYP MK III

Analox 100HYP MK III

The Analox 100HYP MKIII partial pressure oxygen analyser is designed for internal chamber or bell use. The 100HYP MKIII has been tested at depths of up to 600 Meters Sea Water (2000 FSW) but can equally be used at surface pressures.

The circuit boards are specially coated for protection against humidity and condensation.

The 100HYP MKIII is fitted with the latest technology oxygen cell using advanced electrochemical techniques giving the unit high-speed response and long life. The advanced sensor is fully temperature compensated for accurate readings.

Life of the oxygen sensor in an ambient atmosphere is up to 3 years.

Benefits and features

Advanced oxygen sensor Ultra long life oxygen Sensor up to 3 years life in NTP
High visablity Easy to see large digit LCD display, moisture protected
for use in hyperbaric conditions.
Easy to use Direct reading in partial pressure of oxygen in Bar PPO2 or mBar PPO2.
Convenient Small size for convenient fitting in chamber or bell and, alternatively, hand held use.
Flexible design Sensor signal output socket for connection to an
external analyser mounted in the control room.
Tamper resistant Span control is screwdriver adjustable to help prevent unintentional alteration.
Low maintenance High power alkaline battery gives long life
for long uninterrupted service and easy replacement.

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