101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

Benefits and features

Dual range with manual selection.

Temperature compensated sensor.

Large clear liquid crystal display 12.5mm digits. Remote sensor.

Front panel calibration single adjustment calibrates both ranges.

High and low oxygen warning alarms with precise setting to 0.1%.

Alarm setting controls lockable to prevent accidental movement.

Alarms have hysterisis to overcome ‘nuisance’ re-triggering.

Low battery warning.



0.00% to 19.99% O2 at AP

00.0% to 100.0% O2 at AP

Minimum Reading: 0.01% O2

Accuracy: + 1% of Readout

Temperature Effect: + 0.002 of Readout per oC

Sensor Life: Up to 3 years at NTP

Battery: 4 x MN1500 Alkaline Cells

Battery Life: Approx. 1 month continuous use reducing with alarm activation

Dimensions: Depth Overall: 205mm (81/4 inches)

Height Overall: 68mm (23/4 inches)

Width Overall: 148mm (6 inches)

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