2 Diver Air Control -High Pressure

2 Diver Air Control -High Pressure

The Amron Model 8120-HP Air Control and Depth Monitoring System is a system consisting of a two diver depth monitoring system with high accuracy precision gauges and two diver air control manifold housed in a highly durable pressure molded fiberglass case. The 8120-HP is designed for both high and low pressure.


Working Pressure (LP): 400 PSIG
Depth Gauge: 2 each 6 in. dial Dual Scale 0-250FSW/76MSW
Low Pressure Gauges: 1 ea., 0-400PSIG
Tubing: 1/4 in. Copper
Pneumo Valve: 1/4 in. Brass
LP Air Valve: 3/8 in. Brass
Check Valve: 3/8 in. Brass
LP Input Connector: #8 JIC
Diver Output Connector: #6 JIC
Pneumo Connector: O2


Height: 20 in. (51.8 cm)
Width: 14 in. (35.5 cm)
Depth: 12 in. (30.4 cm)
Weight: 8120 (approx) 36 lbs. (16 kg)
Weight: 8200 (approx) 45 lbs. (20 kg)

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