1 Diver Air control systems

1 Diver Air control systems

The Amcommand I has both high and low pressure inlet supply connections and can handle two separate 4500PSIG inlet sources. The compact Tescom high flow regulator is user adjustable which allows the operator to select the divers' outlet pressure depending on the helmet or mask requirements. The full size, 6" Pneumo gauge is easy to read with dual FSW/MSW scales and has the highest accuracy rating in the industry. Individual shut off valves, check valves, relief valve and 50 micron in-line filter complete the air control system. The Amcommand I includes a panel-mounted one diver radio which features both 2 and 4 wire communications capability. This 22-watt radio has an extended gel-cell rechargeable battery life, a built in universal charger, VCR compatible tape record jack and a hand held microphone. The two 6 foot HP supply whips are complete with the 'A' style yoke to fit a standard scuba bottle (CGA-850 connection, 3000PSIG max) and internally stored in the lid.

Air Control

High Pressure Side

  • Two high pressure supply connections with two color coded, 6ft SCUBA yokes and whips. The whips and yokes remain attached to the lid of the unit during storage or transit.
  • Each input has a color coded shut off valve and a pressure gauge which allows the tender to change out the air bottles in the system.
  • As an added safety feature, check valves on each input provide protection against back flow of air from a full bottle to the empty in case the operator forgets to close the valve when switching bottles.
  • A high quality Tescom adjustable, non-venting regulator reduces the high pressure air to low pressure air. The regulator input is protected against contamination by a 50 micron filter and a 0-400PSIG gauge monitors the output pressure. A relief valve (factory set at 285PSIG) limits over pressurization.

Low Pressure Side

  • Input check valve permits simple switching to back-up high pressure air in the event of low pressure air failure. Back-up high pressure air supply can simply be turned on. Diver umbilical air connection is an oxygen type fitting, controlled by a quarter turn ball valve which permits unrestricted flow.


  • The 2810A radio comes complete with a hand-held push-to-talk microphone which cancels top side background noise and provides clear communication to the diver.
  • The communicator has individual volume controls for the diver and tender which provides for individual preferences of volume. Dynamic 22 watt 'voice power' insures clear communications even under difficult conditions.
  • The radio has AC power with battery back-up power. The system can also be powered from an external 12V source or the 110/220 volt battery charger. A red LED battery condition indicator also functions for external power sources.

Pneumo System

  • The Pneumo System measures the diver depth by supplying air pressure to the pneumo hose.
  • The heart of the pneumo system is the high precision 6" depth gauge. The gauge dial has a glare free face and is clearly marked for fast, accurate readings. Accuracy is .25%, full scale. The system has a built-in snubber for reducing pulsating and shock pressure loads to the precision gauges.
  • The Diver Pneumo is a valve regulating type with yellow handle and controls the air supply to the pneumo fathometer system.


Air Control Specifications

  • HP Supply Pressure: 500-4500 PSI
  • HP Supply w/ DIN: 2 Source Select
  • HP Inlet Valve: 0-5000 PSI Accuracy +/- 1.5% of Full Scale
  • HP Gauge: Two (2) Check Valves prevent reverse inlet flow
  • HP Check Valve: Two (2) Input Yokes, with 6ft. high pressure hose whips
  • HP Yokes & Whips: 50 Micron In line
  • HP Regulator Output: Tescom® High Pressure Regulator
  • HP Regulator Max: 0-285 PSI
  • HP Inline Filter: Cv =.06
  • LP Relief Valve: 4500 PSI
  • LP Output Fitting: O2, 9/16-18 RH oxygen (B size)
  • LP Inlet Fitting: #6 JIC

    Communications Specifications

  • Power: 110/220VAC 50/60Hz (automatic) with internal/external battery, 12VDC
  • Battery Life: 50 Hours (approx)
  • Frequency Response: 300Hz - 3kHz
  • Audio Power: 22 watts per channel
  • Pneumo Specifications
  • Pneumo Gauge: 6" Dual Scale 0-250 FSW/76 MSW
  • Pneumo Fitting: 02 (37° JIC optional)

    Panel Specifications

  • Panel Material: Black polyester powder coated over stainless and aluminum
  • Graphics: Red, white and blue silk-screened

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